As Port Jefferson and New York’s foremost center in the field of bariatric surgery, we are constantly studying new and innovative procedures to help our patients achieve safe and sustainable weight loss with the fewest possible associated risks. To that end, we have recently been actively investigating Banded Plication.

What is Banded Plication Surgery?

Banded Plication was conceived as a procedure that would combine the benefits of the gastric band and surgically reducing the size of the stomach, with the expectation that this would accelerate the rate of weight loss in comparison to gastric banding alone. During the procedure, the surgeon would insert a gastric band at the upper portion of the stomach, creating a small pouch. Below the pouch, the stomach is folded in upon itself and sutured to keep the folds in place, thus reducing the size of the stomach.


Early indications suggest that, despite our initial hopes, patients have experienced similar results with Banded Plication as those with the Gastric Band alone. Additionally, a number of patients experienced complications related to the plication.

As such, it is difficult to justify the additional risk in the absence of significantly greater benefits to patients. At this time, Banded Plication is considered an experimental procedure that should only be performed in the context of formal study.

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