ROSE Procedure for Weight Regain after Gastric Bypass

About This Procedure

Gastric Bypass Surgery is a proven and effective solution to help patients with obesity lose weight and keep it off. In some instances, however, a patient’s weight loss can stall or weight can return. This is most often due to the stomach pouch stretching or the stoma, which is the connection between the pouch and the intestine, dilating. As a result, patients can eat more before feeling full and food is digested more quickly.

Fortunately, the surgeons at New York Bariatric Group in Port Jefferson offer a less invasive procedure that may be the right solution for patients wanting to get back on track with their healthy weight loss.


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What Is the Rose/Apollo Procedure?

The procedure is performed under anesthetic endoscopically (through the patient’s mouth). The specially designed endoscopic operating system, which is placed down through the mouth to enter the stomach pouch, allows the surgeon to make the pouch smaller and reduce the size of the stoma.

The Rose procedure was initially adopted by New York Bariatric Group and was most recently supplanted by the Apollo procedure.

What are the Benefits?

Short Recovery: As the procedure requires no incision, the recovery is very quick for most patients, allowing them to resume their normal activities within a few days. Patients whose procedure is performed in the morning may be discharged the same day.

Resumption of Weight Loss: By reducing the size of the stomach pouch and shrinking the stoma, most patients achieve a sense of being full more quickly when they eat and, therefore, eat less and lose weight after the procedure.

Few Side Effects: Most patients experience little or no discomfort following the procedure. The most common complaint is a sore throat.

What are the Risks?

There is a certain amount of risk involved with any surgery; however, the less invasive endoscopic nature of this procedure reduces the likelihood of complications associated with open or laparoscopic revisional surgeries.

The Rose and Apollo procedures are relatively new, so little data is available about the long-term success of the procedure.

Is There a Follow-Up Plan?

Diet: In most cases, patients are instructed to adopt a similar diet as the one they had following their gastric bypass surgery. Immediately following the procedure, patients are limited to soft, pureed foods before they can return to solid foods.

Follow-Up Plan: Following the procedure, the surgeon will want to closely monitor the patient’s progress, so follow-up appointments will be very important to evaluate the weight loss and to determine that the procedure was a long-term success.

If you had gastric bypass surgery and your weight loss has stalled or the weight has returned, you might be a candidate for the Apollo Procedure.  Call the New York Bariatric Group’s Port Jefferson office today to find out more.

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