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It seems that despite all the incredible technological conveniences we enjoy in this digital era, our lives aren’t getting any less hectic. For most people in Port Jefferson, or anywhere for that matter, accommodating our busy schedules requires a lot of energy. Anyone who has struggled with their weight knows that keeping up with the pace of daily life is a near-impossible burden and that people who are closer to their ideal weight enjoy an unfair advantage.

For those who have been unsuccessful at losing weight via traditional methods, a bariatric procedure like a Gastric Bypass surgery may be just the right solution.


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What Is Gastric Bypass Surgery?

The Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery has been performed for over forty years and has become the gold standard of bariatric weight-loss surgeries.  It is most often performed laparoscopically via 6 one-inch incisions. During the procedure, the top portion of the stomach is divided to create an egg-sized pouch, which is then attached to the small intestine lower down. A large portion of the stomach and a section of the small intestine are thus bypassed.

Following the surgery, weight loss is achieved thanks to four factors:

  • The smaller stomach pouch restricts the amount of food that can be eaten
  • Malabsorption occurs as a result of a section of the digestive system being bypassed, which means fewer calories get absorbed
  • Patients’ hormone balances are altered by the surgery resulting in a greater sense of satiety, that is to say, they no longer feel hungry

What are the Benefits?

Significant Weight Loss: Most patients can expect to lose 50 to 60% of their excess body weight within the first two years post-surgery.

Improved Overall Health: After surgery, patients are far less likely to develop obesity-related medical conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and joint troubles.

A Proven History: Gastric Bypass surgery has been around for over forty years and is acknowledged as a safe and durable solution to obesity.

Rapid Weight Loss: The rate of weight loss from Gastric Bypass surgery is usually faster than other bariatric procedures such as the Gastric Band.

No Mechanical Issues: Since, unlike the Gastric Band, this procedure does not rely on a mechanical device, there is no risk of breakage, erosion or slippage.

Dumping Syndrome: Approximately 50% of patients experience dumping syndrome, which consists of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and palpitations after eating sweets. Although some patients may perceive it to be a negative side effect to Gastric Bypass surgery, we at the Port Jefferson office of New York Bariatric Group hope our patients will get dumping syndrome. It is a very effective deterrent to eating high-calorie, high-sugar foods.

What are the Risks?

Anastomotic Leak: An anastomotic leak is an internal leak that occurs at the staple line. The risk of an anastomotic leak occurring is approximately 1.5% and may result in additional surgeries, revisions and extended hospital stay including rehabilitation.

Bleeding: Gastrointestinal or acute bleeding are risks associated with Gastric Bypass surgery, however, they are rare occurrences.

Vitamin And Mineral Deficiency: Because the surgery affects the patient’s ability to absorb foods and their nutrients, almost 30% of patients develop a form of deficiency like anemia, osteoporosis or metabolic bone disease. Nutritional deficiencies can be avoided by taking vitamins and minerals and through regular follow-up with a physician or nutritionist.

Blood clots: The risk of blood clots forming exists with any of the bariatric surgeries. Deep vein thrombosis (a clot that forms in the veins of the legs) can occur after any major abdominal surgery. Pulmonary embolus occurs if the clot breaks free and travels to the lungs. We safeguard against these serious risks by administering a blood thinner, placing special massaging boots on the patient’s legs that help to prevent the formation of blood clots and by having patients walk as much as possible after the surgery.

Dietary Guidelines After Surgery?

It’s important to think of Gastric Bypass surgery as the tool with which a patient can lose weight. Patients are given a post surgery plan that includes adopting a healthy lifestyle. The degree to which they follow their post surgery plan will determine how successfully they will make use of their new weight loss tool.

Diet: For the first 10 days after surgery, patients remain on a liquid diet that includes vitamin supplements, followed by a diet of soft foods. By the fifth week, patients can begin to reintroduce solid foods to their diet. It is critical that patients continue to take their vitamin and mineral supplements daily to avoid the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Exercise: Patients are encouraged to walk as much as possible following the surgery to minimize the risk of blood clots forming in the veins of the legs. As the weight begins to disappear, patients can expect greater levels of energy. A regular exercise program will help them maintain muscle mass, improve their mobility and improve their overall health.

Post Surgery Follow-Up Plan: At the Port Jefferson office of the New York Bariatric Group, our commitment to our patients extends far beyond the surgery. That’s why we insist on a long-term follow-up plan that includes regular return visits. During these visits, we can monitor the patient’s progress, answer any questions they may have, ensure their diet meets their nutritional needs and help keep them motivated and on track with their weight loss progress.

To find out if Gastric Bypass surgery from New York Bariatric Group’s Port Jefferson office is right for you, contact us today.

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